GeekUp Silicone Craft Mat

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Continuing our line of high quality silicone products, try out the GeekUp silicone paint and craft mat! This mat features built in trays for paint or other small items, and is perfect for your next creative project. Great for gamers and children alike, this mat is easy to clean and comes with a pop-up cup for wash water or storing tools while working.
  • SIZE: 16.5"×14.5" inch silicone mat
  • HIGH QUALITY SILICONE: made of 100% food grade silicone: flexible, waterproof, heat-resistant, non-fading, durable, and essentially rip proof
    • 12 small paint/jewelry compartments
    • Two large paint/jewelry compartments
    • Collapsible brush cleaning cup / tool storage cup
    • Washable with cloth and warm soapy water or put in the dishwasher.
    • Easy to fold or roll up
  • USES
    • Miniature painting
    • Painting 3D prints
    • Assembling and glueing models
    • Craft or painting projects for kids