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If you're here, you likely already know what BoardGameGeek is.  However, if you somehow stumbled into our store without knowing about us, BoardGameGeek is our main website, an online resource and community that aims to be the definitive source for board game and card game content.  We provide the infrastructure for the community to discuss and share content about their favorite games, track their game collections, and perhaps most importantly, learn about games so they can introduce those games to their friends, growing the hobby further!

Now what does that have to do with all of this stuff for sale? Good question!  As the largest and most comprehensive web site supporting the board gaming hobby, we have relationships with most publishers in the business, and these publishers often produce various goodies for their games. Most of these promos were originally offered as preorder bonuses, or were made available at a convention of some sort. If you weren't able to get to show or special event, now you don't have to miss out on content for your favorite games.

We also specialize in contracts with publishers to use their game art to make exclusive game upgrade products under our GeekUp line, including bits, bags, boxes, and stunning wall art inspired by games.

Finally, we also sell various BoardGameGeek merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs, and other household items so fans of the site can get in on some BoardGameGeek swag!

So, make yourself comfortable and take a look around.  There's something in the BGG Store for gamers of any type, so we're sure you'll find something awesome that you can't live without to contribute to your next game night!

If you need to contact us with any questions or concerns, you can reach us at: contact@boardgamegeekstore.com.

Updated: May 19th, 2023

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Browse through hundreds of add-ons for your favorite games, from extra cards, coins, and tiles, all the way up to entire expansions and scenarios!



Upgrade a specific game with replacement bits, storage bags, protective cases, or sleeves for your cards. You can also find tools for gamers in this category, like bowls, trays, stands, totes, and more!


Artist Series

Not your average fan art! These museum-quality art prints are created by artists within the board game industry, as they reinterpret popular games in new styles!