BGG Store Account

Registering for a BGG Store account is optional. You may place an order as a guest.

Having an account allows you to track your order history and save shipping and billing information for future order purchases.

Email  Since your email address is directly tied to your login information, we need to change the email address from our backend.

Type your email address at the login screen and then click the forgot “Forgot Password” link and follow the instructions to update your password.

Email and we will send you a link to create an account.

No. and the BGG Store are completely separate systems and are not automatically linked. If you want a BGG Store account, then you will need to create it separately from your BoardGameGeek account.

Order Placement

We accept PayPal, and the major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express). We also have payment options via GooglePay and ShopPay.

Generally, orders will be allowed to have a maximum quantity of 5 of any particular item.  Some products may have other maximum purchase limits based on availability or publisher request.  We reserve the right to cancel any order that does not comply.

Please email to place the request to combine your orders for shipment. Depending on the weight of the order, we will refund a portion of the shipping fees for combining the orders. We will not combine orders for shipment unless requested.

Please report errors with your order as soon as possible by emailing, so we can make appropriate changes.

Please email with the request and you will be provided possible options.

We have discovered that if you use PayPal to make payments, sometimes PayPal will change the shipping address in the store to an address in your PayPal account. Please contact us as soon as possible to update the shipping address before the order fulfillment/shipping.

NO, we do not offer any gift wrapping service.

  • YES, just make sure the shipping address is complete and current.
  • If shipping internationally, customs fees should be paid by the purchaser. However, custom fees may be assessed to the recipient if the option to prepay customs and fees was not offered. Please alert the recipient that possible fees might be due at time of pickup.

Also, if shipping internationally,as a commercial business we legally cannot mark orders as “gifts”, nor will we mark orders with a reduced value for purposes of reducing or avoiding customs fees.

Returns / Exchanges / Cancellations

Place the item(s) in their original packaging in a package and address it to the following address:


4510 Duncanville Road

Dallas, TX  75236 USA

Please include a note indicating the reason for the return. The customer is responsible for postage/shipping fees to return anything that is unwanted/unneeded. When the item(s) are received, we will process a refund for the items within the order, but none of the postage/shipping fees will be refunded.

Place the item(s) in their original packaging in a package and address it to the following address:


4510 Duncanville Road

Dallas, TX  75236


Please include a note indicating the reason for the return. The customer is responsible for postage/shipping fees to return anything that is unwanted/unneeded. When the item(s) are received, we will process a refund for the items within the order, but none of the postage/shipping fees will be refunded.

After a refund is processed, you may place a new order for the desired item.

The refund will be credited to the original payment method associated with the order and will be processed per bank/credit card regulations and based on the refund deadlines associated with those payment methods.  If a refund cannot be processed because the refund deadline has passed, a gift card for the value of the refund will be issued via email to the email address associated with the order.

Email as soon as possible.

We kindly request that when you receive an order that you check it upon receipt for accuracy and condition. We cannot guarantee replacement after 30 days for orders shipped in the USA or 60 days for orders shipped internationally. Please contact us via email at and we will see if we can fix the issue. Refunds may or may not be possible due to credit card and PayPal refund deadlines, so please make sure that we are contacted before those deadlines.


Depending upon the size/weight of the products in your order, the items could be packaged in a bubble-lined envelope, large white chipboard envelope, poster tube, or a box.

We use US Postal Service, DHL, UPS and UPS Mail Innovations in conjunction with local postal carriers.

We are NOT Amazon and it may take 3-4 days for your order to be processed/fulfilled. When we release new products or return from store shipping vacations, it could take us up to a week to fulfill orders and get them ready for shipment.

Please click HERE to view a delivery time estimate chart based on the delivery service and location.

We have looked into adding additional services to the shipping options but our systems are not able to add those additional services. Please note that any order shipped USPS Priority Mail, Priority Mail International, or any UPS service has some insurance automatically included.

After checking the items in the following list, please e-mail

  1. Allow the full estimated time of delivery to expire. Shipping can be delayed due to weather, customs, service carrier strikes, world politics, etc. 
  2. Check the tracking number to see the last recorded location. International customers may be able to use the tracking services of their local postal service to see if the package has been processed in their own country.
  3. If the tracking number indicates your package has been delivered, please check with neighbors, building managers, etc. to see if the order was mis-delivered.
  4. Check your shipping confirmation email to make sure the shipping address was listed correctly. If the address is listed incorrectly, the customer will be invoiced the postage fees to resend the order.
  5. International Customers ONLY: Check with customs/postal service to see if any fees are due. 
  6. If after all of this, it is determined that your order has not arrived, please email to make arrangements to resend your order. If you choose to send it to a different address, you may be responsible for any postage fees to resend the order. Or we can process a full refund for the order.

Email with the issue. For incorrect or damaged items, include a picture of the packing list and the incorrect/damaged item(s) in the order. We will replace incorrect, missing or damaged items at our expense.

International Customs and Postage Fees

  • Postage/Shipping fees from individual carriers increase every year. Shipping fees are calculated on the weight of the items in the order and the estimated weight of the packaging materials.  For information on shipping service class, estimated delivery times, and tracking availability, please see SHIPPING.
  • For clarification, the BGG Store does NOT make a profit from shipping fees, and we constantly research shipping options to give you the best rates possible.

Customs fees are calculated and collected for orders shipping to all non-US addresses. Fees include a 2.5% currency conversion fee, which "guarantees" no additional customs fee assessment when the package is delivered, and whatever, if any, taxes the destination country requires.

If a customer is charged additional customs fees, please make payment of the fees and then email the receipt to

If Canadian/Mexican customers who choose to use the UPS Standard shipping method, there may be a brokerage fee based on the schedule below:

Value Of Goods (USD) = Brokerage Fees (USD)

  • $0 – $20 = $0
  • $20.01 - $150 = $5.00
  • $150.01 – $750 = $15.00
  • $750.01 – $2,500 = $45.00
  • $2,500.01 and up = $51.50

The United States, Mexico, Canada Agreement is the agreement that relates to trade between these three countries and sets some of the custom fees that are assessed between these three countries. For orders placed through the BGG Store, customs fees to Mexico and Canada should be assessed using this agreement.

No. We, legally, cannot mark orders as “gifts”, nor will we mark orders with a reduced value for purposes of avoiding/reducing customs fees.

Gift Cards

These are digital. Once payment is received, you will receive an order confirmation email and a separate email with the gift card code.

Yes. Once the purchased gift card is emailed to you, then you may forward the email to your friend or print the email to give to your friend personally.

  • BGG Market - No, that is a transaction between you and the seller. BGG (the site) is just acting as the place where you search for each other, and the BGG Store has no connection to the Market whatsoever.
  • GeekGameShop - No. Although BGG partners to help run this store, the financials are handled by the distributor PSI.
  • BGG.SPRING and BGG.CON - - YES! You can use a BGG Store gift card at our convention store. You can use either a paper printout or a digital version on your phone.

BGG Store Inventory

  • Publishers and designers are welcome to contact us with potential products they wish to sell at wholesale prices to the BGG Store. We select items based on 1) popularity, 2) rarity, 3) uniqueness within the tabletop game market, and 4) availability within the US.
  • If you have a product you would like to sell to the BGG Store, please contact our product manager Beth at
  • Except for GeekUp and BGG-branded products, the BGG Store doesn’t make most of the products we sell. Therefore it is the game’s publisher who decides if they wish to reprint an expansion, promo, etc. and you would need to contact them to request it.
  • For products where the BGG Store controls production, you can sign up for an automatic email notification once that product is back and ready to ship. This message is a one-time notification and does NOT put you on any type of marketing or promotional mailing list. 
  • If a product has disappeared completely from the BGG Store, it means we likely can’t or won’t remake it and have removed the listing from public view permanently.

If you have an idea for a product to be included in the BGG Store Catalog, please contact Chad Krizan, BGG Marketing Manager, or Beth Heile, BGG Production Manager, for information.

Each GeekUp set is made with explicit permission from the game’s publisher, and involves a contract to use the game’s name, artwork, or other pieces of copyright protected material. A GeekUp set must pass three major hurdles: 1) the game needs a certain level of popularity to support the sales of accessories, 2) the publisher must give permission and agree to terms between them and BGG, and 3) the proposed set must be technically possible and at a cost that is financially viable. If any of those three pieces fail, then a GeekUp set will not be produced.

  1. Post a note on any store update forum thread on BoardGameGeek. All store update threads are monitored for requests
  2. Send a GeekMail message to our product manager Beth on BoardGameGeek at username lindyburger.

Please note that we appreciate all requests and suggestions but we can’t promise to make or acquire the item you ask for.

Miscellaneous FAQs

NO. Our address is our warehouse location and is NOT zoned for commercial use. The public is not allowed with our physical address.

No. We do not have the infrastructure to prepare, deliver, and retrieve orders between our warehouse and our convention sites.

Email We respond to emails Monday through Friday, though it may take a couple of days to respond.

Email We can pass you along to the correct individual if needed.