Zapotec: Asymmetrical Player Boards

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This promo pack is exclusive to the BGG Store and contains 5 asymmetrical player boards for Zapotec. By alternating the placement of the advanced one-time resources on the player board, as well as the positions of the basic resource rows and columns, each player has a unique board, allowing a little bit more customization of resources to obtain as part of the crucial first turn of the game.

The player boards contains in the base game represent one possible configuration, of six. This promo pack provides the remaining five possible configurations.

To use:

  1. Take one of the player boards from the base game and add it to the five provided in this pack.
  2. Shuffle all six (unique) player boards and deal one, at random, to each player.
  3. Proceed with the rest of setup as normal.

—description from the publisher

For more information, please refer to the BGG listing.