Wildstyle: Objective Tile Promos

A photo of a card and cardboard punchboard for use with the board game Wildstyle. On the left, a set of hexagon cardboard tokens still attached within their cardboard frame. On the right, a card with symbols and text for use in the game.

Wildstyle: Objective Tile Promos

Two two-sided tiles with 4 additional objectives.

Tile 1
Wake the Neighbors: Score 4 VP per set of 1 Downtown, 1 Residential, and 1 Shopping icon within a cluster.
Paint the Town: 8 VP per set of 1 Park, 1 Industrial, 1 Downtown, 1 Residential, and 1 Shopping icon withing a cluster.

Tile 2
Terminal Tagger: Score the number of Train Stations you've tagged. 1 = 3pts; 2 = 6pts; 3 = 10pts; 4 or more = 15pts.
Rail Rider: Score the number of Railways you've tagged (rounded down). 3 = 5pts; 5 = 10pts; 7 = 16pts; 9 or more = 25pts.

For more information, please refer to the BGG listing.

Part of the Game Boy Geek collection.

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