Wasteland Express Delivery Service: Rocker, Scout, One-Eyed Vito, The Demons

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A set of four, individual promo ally cards that was part of the pledge level for backing the Dice Tower 2018 Kickstarter campaign. 

  • RockerIn combat, you may reveal a second raider card (replacing the first). Also included in the Wasteland Express Delivery Service: Promo Pack 1.
  • Scout - Take 1 damage to move an action marker to the used/pass space.
  • One-Eye Vito - Take 1 damage and discard this ally to defeat a raider truck.
  • The Demons - When you buy 1 cargo space at the mod shop, you may gain an additional one for 1$.

      **Note - Part of The Dice Tower collection. 100% of the proceeds of this item return to The Dice Tower **