Valeria: Card Kingdoms – The Tower and Promo Pack 2017

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The 2017 Promo Pack is a  three-card promo pack that was distributed in Game Trade Magazine #210 (August 2017). The three promo cards are all Domain cards.

Coliseum (2 Soldiers, 1 shadow | 15 gold, 5 victory points): Immediately gain [strength] x [citizen] you own.

Ullamalizatli Court (2 workers, 1 holy | 11 gold, 3 victory points): Immediately gain [magic] x [citizen] you own.

Jousting Field (1 soldier, 1 worker, 1 shadow | 13 gold, 3 victory points): During your Harvest Phase, gain [1 gold] x Knight you own.

The Tower is a  promo card originally offered through Dice Tower's Season 13 Indiegogo campaign. It's a new domain card that costs 10 gold and provides 2 VP at end game. 
Ongoing ability: At the end of your Action Phase, you may convert 2 Magic into 1 VP

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