Underwater Cities: Mini-Expansion

A photo of 12 cards for use with the board game Underwater Cities. Each card has a colored top with a title and symbols, an illustration in the middle, and text describing the card's abilities in the game at the bottom.

Underwater Cities: Mini-Expansion

12 new cards of Underwater Cities, created by the publisher Delicious Games to celebrate their 5th anniversary as a company and their first title, Underwater Cities.


  • ERA 1:
    • Federation Support (P2:1) - Advance one step on the Federation track during the Production phase.
    • Embassy (P2: 2) - Whenever you advance to the second space of the Federation track, also gain 1 biomatter
  • ERA 2:
    • Off-Shore Donation (P2:3) - Advance 1 space on the Federation track for each connected metropolis, but no more than 3 spaces.
    • Transport Hub (P2:4) - During Production, each connected city with at least 3 tunnels produces an additional 1 point and 1 credit.
    • Use the Influence (P2:5) - Move back 1 space on the Federation track to gain 2 points and build a desalination plant.
  • ERA 3:
    • Replace a Tunnel (P2:6)- You may pay 1 credit and downgrade 1 structure to upgrade up to 2 other structures.
    • Urban Restructuring (P2:7) - You may pay 1 credit and downgrade 1 structure to upgrade up to 2 other structures.
    • Express Renovation (P2:8) - Whenever you use the depicted action slow to build tunnels, you may upgrade them for free
    • Federal Priority (P2:9) - At the end of the game, gain 3 points for each pair of symbiotic and non-symbiotic connected cities
    • Federal Priority (P2:10) - At the end of the game, gain 4 points plus 2 points for each space you have advanced on the Federation track.
  • GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS - only used in a variant of the base game
    • P2:11 - If you have a symbiotic city and have successfully plays an S-card that costs 3 credits, then get free tunnel and three points.
    • P2:12 - If you have a city (either symbiotic or non-) with two upgraded desalinization plants and a city (either type again) with two upgraded labs, then you get two steelplasts and five points. 

NOTE - we also sell a set of two Federal Priority Promo Cards HERE, and they are DIFFERENT then P2:11 and P2:12 listed above.

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