Top Shelf Gamer: Deluxe Token Bundle compatible with Robinson Crusoe

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BGG is pleased to offer a selection of deluxe upgrade bundles from Top Shelf Gamer!

Upgrade your Robinson Crusoe™ board game with these realistic tokens. All but the red hearts are the beloved high quality resin hand painted Stonemaier tokens. Take your game to the next level with this fun token bundle.
v2.0, March 2018: Crates replaced by bread tokens for non-perishable food. New fur tokens. Adjusted quantities to match the game's second edition token count.

Bundle includes:
  • 18 wood tokens
  • 12 food (steak)
  • 5 non-perishable food (bread)
  • 7  fur pelt tokens
  • 1 campfire
  • 1 dog
  • 5 plastic hearts to replace the wound markers *
* Not Stonemaier tokens.