Tainted Grail: Kings of Ruin – Treasure Seeker Promo Cards

Tainted Grail: Kings of Ruin – Treasure Seeker Promo Cards

Originally available in Pack Cleric from Dice Tower 2023 Kickstarter campaign.

Requires Tainted Grail: Kings of Ruin and is compatible with all other Tainted Grail: Kings of Ruin expansions. It introduces new secret cards called Treasure Seeker Cards that can be obtained during the game.

There is a legend about a treasure hidden by a sly and slightly mad scholar. It is said that to find it, you must gather all pieces of a puzzle guided only by the unclear, twisted visions of Avalon places. Only an adventurer of unmatched courage and wit will be able to do so.

To add this mini-expansion to the game, find Secret card 501 in this deck and place it face up in the play area. Then take all remaining parts of Treasure seeker cards and add them to the Secret deck. While playing the game, pay close attention to both the Location cards and the revealed Treasure Seeker Secret card, as you may find some resemblance between them.

When you are certain that you are in a Location that matches your Treasure Seeker card, you may perform the Search for Treasure Action visible on the revealed Treasure Seeker card.

For more information, please refer to the BGG listing.

Part of The Dice Tower collection. The majority of the proceeds of this item return directly to The Dice Tower.

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