Star Realms: Rescue Run Promo Card

Star Realms: Rescue Run Promo Card for use with the board game S, Spring Sale, Star Realms, sold at the BoardGameGeek Store

Star Realms: Rescue Run Promo Card

Since being court-martialed by the Star Empire, smuggler and thief Joan Shengtu has done what she needed to do in order to survive—gaining a reputation along the way. When a new client’s mission goes sideways, Joan finds herself caught in the middle of dueling gambits between the Star Empire and the Trade Federation. Recruited to perform the heist of a lifetime, the fate of the Star Empire rests in her hands.

Rescue Run is an Event card for the award-winning Star Realms Deckbuilding Game, and it is based on the first Star Realms novel, Star Realms: Rescue Run. Events are shuffled into the Trade Deck, and resolve when they are revealed. Rescue Run has a powerful effect that gets even stronger as the game progresses and players improve their decks. Tension builds as the action unfolds, just like in the novel!

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