Saloon Tycoon: Dead or Alive Expansion

Saloon Tycoon: Dead or Alive Expansion for use with the board game S, Saloon Tycoon, sold at the BoardGameGeek Store

Saloon Tycoon: Dead or Alive Expansion

The Dead or Alive Expansions Pack includes FOUR mini-expansions for Saloon Tycoon and Saloon Tycoon: The Ranch Expansion. Each expansion can be added to the game individually or together with the others in any combination.

This expansion was a reward for Kickstarter backers during the campaign for Saloon Tycoon: The Ranch Expansion but was packaged separately from the Ranch expansion box.

Simply add the tiles to the supply of tiles, add the characters to the pool of Character cards, and shuffle the Open and Secret Claim cards in with the respective decks prior to setup.

The mini-expansions are:

Tombstone Mini Expansion - includes one funeral parlor tile, one cemetery tile, and Dr Morbius character card
When you complete the funeral parlour, Dr Morbious, the town undertaker, will exert his grim influence over your saloon and prevent others from interfering with your characters
When you complete the cemetery, you can immediately put another character in the ground -permanently

Gubernment Mini Expansion - includes Telegraph Office, Mayor's Office tile, and Mayor Meyer character card
Completing the Mayor's office brings Mayor Meyer to your Saloon which increases your prestige and your points
Completing the telegraph office allows you to collect a character that is not currently in the game

Rodeo Mini Expansion - includes 2 tiles (Rodeo & Petting Zoo)
Completing the Rodeo will net you precious Ranch points and the petting zoo is a perfect location to hold additional animals

Open & Secret Claim Cards Mini Expansion

Also comes with 2 new character cards:
Abby West, Ranch Boss - May be taken instead of a ranch hand when you build the bunkhouse tile. She is worth 1 reputation point for every animal you have at the end of the game

Tex Montana - The first player to build a ranch house tile will attract him and he'll drain either a ranch point or a gold each turn

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