Rising Sun: Tower Season Cards Set

Rising Sun: Tower Season Cards Set for use with the board game R, Rising Sun, sold at the BoardGameGeek Store

Rising Sun: Tower Season Cards Set

A set of 15 seasonal cards designed by The Dice Tower.

It was only available through their 2021 Kickstarter campaign initially.
Later the CMON Rising Sun Graphic Novel Kickstarter also included a copy of the set.

The new cards focus more on the Stronghold and area control.

The Tower Set - RSU-PRO2


  • Oni of Souls [2 Coins] — If you win a War Province token with this Monster, gain 2 VP for each Oni you have.
  • Path of the Vassal [0 Coins] (x2) — After using a Kami’s Shrine ability, you may pay 2 Coins to gan 2 VP.
  • Generosity [0 Coins] (x2) — After you play a Mandate, you may offer 1 Coin to any player. If they accept, gain Honor.


  • Oni of Blood [3 Coins] — Counts as 2 Force, OR 4 Force in any Province where you have the lowest Honor.
  • Path of the Shadow [1 Coin] — After you play a Betray Mandate, gain 3 Coins.
  • Path of Might [1 Coin] (x2) — Your Bushi in a Province with any Oni have +1 Force.
  • Way of Naginata [1 Coin] — AT STAR OF WAR PHASE Move one of your Bushi to any Province.


  • Oni of Spite [3 Coins] — When this enters a Province (for any reason), steel 2VP from each higher Honor player with any Force there.
  • Form of the Fox [3 Coins] (x2) — END OF THE GAME Gain 3 VP fir each Province where you have exactly 1 figure.
  • Boldness [1 Coin] — Gain 4 VP whenever you kill an enemy Oni in a Battle.
  • Way of Naginata [0 Coins] — AT STAR OF WAR PHASE Move one of your Bushi to any Province.

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        Part of The Dice Tower collection. The majority of the proceeds of this item return to The Dice Tower.

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