Orléans: Promo Ortskarten N°3

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Orléans: Promo Ortskarten N°3 collects three tiles that can be used in the Orléans base game or deluxe edition. These tiles are the Drawbridge, Episcopal See of Tours and Gaming Room. Rules are in German, English, and French.

Drawbridge - You may move your merchant along a Waterway when performing the "Wagon" action or along a Road when performing the "Ship" action. This does not apply to other movement actions (e.g. Horse Wagon)

Episcopal See of Tours - You may move your merchant directly to Tours, or, if your merchant is on Tours, you may move it to any other city. You won't get a good in either case. You can activate this tile with any Character.

Gaming Room - For a gaming night, assemble the following gamers: 1 Farmer, 1 Scholar, and 1 Knight. Just like with a Beneficial Deed, you move them via the Town Hall or the Gunpowder Tower onto the Gaming Room. The required character tiles above cannot be replaced by other character tiles. Then supply the group with Wine and Cheese by placing the goods onto the Gaming Room. Characters and goods remain in place until the end of the game. If all three gamers and the goods are present in the Gaming Room by then, add 3 Citizens to the total of your collected Citizen Tiles.

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