Nidavellir: Thingvellir – Crovax and Odroerir Promo Cards: Dice Tower Edition

Two cards for use with the game Nidavellir against a white background. The left card has an illustration of a white, muscled man with tattoos, the name "Tom" printed in the top right, and a banner and numbers and symbols on the left. The right card displays an illustration of a hat made from a baseball cap, fur, a tower, dice, a feather, and ear flaps, with symbols that describe that card's ability in the game at the bottom.

Nidavellir: Thingvellir – Crovax and Odroerir Promo Cards: Dice Tower Edition

Tom and the Hat promo cards were originally from Dice Tower 2023 Kickstarter campaign and are identical to Crovax and Odroerir aside from the names and artwork.-

Crovax the Döppelgänger / Tom

  • Crovax /Tom is a neutral Hero that adds 25 points to your Final Bravery Value.
  • Put him in your Command Zone and discard immediately the last dwarf card from the column of your choosing.
  • It is the same power as Bonfur, so all rules that apply for Bonfur are to be applied for Corvax / Tom.

Odroerir, the Mythic Cauldron / The Hat

  • During set-up, put Odroerir / Hat aside.
  • Shuffle the Age 2 Camp cards, then put Odroerir / Hat on the top of the deck. Therefore, at the beginning of Age 2, Odroerir / Hat will be amongst the 5 available Camps cards. As soon as an Elvaland takes a card from the camp, put the smallest coin available from the Royal Treasure on Odroerir / Hat.
  • Do this until an Elvaland takes the Odroerir / Hat card with the coins on it.
  • The Odroerir / Hat card with its coins goes in the Command Zone.
  • At the end of the game, Odroerir / Hat adds the sum of all the coins on it to your Final Bravery Value.

For more information, please refer to the BGG listing.

Part of The Dice Tower collection. The majority of the proceeds of this item return directly to The Dice Tower.

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