Nidavellir - 2-Card Promo Pack

Nidavellir - 2-Card Promo Pack for use with the board game N, Nidavellir, sold at the BoardGameGeek Store

Nidavellir - 2-Card Promo Pack

A set of promo cards for the board game Nidavellir, and is also compatible with the expansion Thingvellir. These promo cards also come with an instruction card in English and French.

Crovaxthe Doppelganger -  Crovax is a neutral Hero that adds 25 points to your Final Bravery Value. Put him in your Command Zone and immediately discard the last dwarf from the column of your choosing. It is the same power as Bonfur, so all rules that apply for Bonfur also apply to Crovax.

Odroerir: the Mythic Cauldron -  During setup, put Odoerir aside. Shuffle the Age 2 Camp cards, the put Odrerir on the top of the deck. Therefore at the beginning of Age 2, Odroerir will be amongst the 5 available Camp cards. As soon as an Elvaland takes a card from the camp, put the smaller coin available from the Royal Treasure on Odroerir. Do this until an Elvaland takes the Odroerir card with the coins on it. The Odroerir card (with its coins) goes in the Command Zone. At the end of the game, Odroerir adds the sum of all of the coins on it to your Final Bravery Value.

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