Nemesis - Feat Cards

Nemesis - Feat Cards for use with the board game N, Nemesis, sold at the BoardGameGeek Store

Nemesis - Feat Cards

A set of 5 promo cards available as part of the Man V Meeple Season 3 Kickstarter. 

Feat Card Description (credit to col_w for transcribing them):

  • DODGE - Discard this card to ignore the effect of the Intruder Attack card you just drew.
  • [1] HACKING - If you are in a Room with a Computer: Choose a Room. Open/Close any Doors in the Corridors connected to that Room. OR If you are in a Room with a Computer: Choose any Room with a Computer. You may use its Room Action without paying its Cost.
  • [0] HANDYMAN - Discard a Malfunction marker from the Room you are in. OR Discard Torch and Duct Tape Items to pick a chosen Blue Crafted Item. (I'm not sure I have the last line right)
  • [1] HEADSHOT - Discard 1 ammo marker to deal 2 Injuries to an Intruder in the Room you are in and roll the Combat Die.
  • [1] THIEF - You may take 1 Item from the inventory of any Character in the Room you are in. You choose this Item at random.

During setup each player randomly takes one, and places it face down in front of them. Once they accomplish whatever is on the back of the card, they take the card and place it on top of their action deck, and it is now part of your deck.

—description from the publisher

For more information, please refer to the BGG listing for this promo.

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