Mystic Vale: Shard Eater

Mystic Vale: Shard Eater for use with the board game M, Mystic Vale, Spring Sale, sold at the BoardGameGeek Store

Mystic Vale: Shard Eater

Sunshards are crystals that absorb the power of the sun and constantly glow with golden light; the brighter a sunshard glows the more potent its power source is. Shard Eaters are elementals with an appetite for raw power. Sunshards are a delicacy to the Eaters, and each shard consumed allows them directly to harness its pure energy. The Eaters then use the imbued light of the sunshards to repel the corrupting curse that is spreading throughout the Valley of Life.

The Shard Eater advancement has the lowest mana cost for a growth symbol in the game, allowing you to add a growth to your deck as early as the first turn. However, this early power comes with a longterm price of lowering your mana during future turns while it’s in your field. Placing a Shard Eater advancement in a card with a Cursed Land will neutralize its decay symbol, allow you to sow your field with more cards.

The promo pack includes 3 Shard Eater advancements (one advancement for the top, middle, and bottom slots). This allows players to craft cards with Shard Eater for any slot position.

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