Lewis & Clark: Promo Card and Sticker Pack

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A pack of stickers for all of the resources in the board game Lewis & Clark and a set of 11 promo cards, containing six new promos cards released in 2020, and the original five "old" promo cards:

  • New 2020 Promos:
    • Mr Hunter
    • Mrs Hunter
    • Mr Cron
    • Mrs Cron
    • Mr Alex
    • Mr Peat
  • Previous Promos:
    • Benjamin Bord
    • Cédrick Chaboussit
    • Uwe Rosenberg
    • Bauza & Cathala
    • Martin Wallace
PLEASE NOTE: This pack contains some items that have been available through the BGG Store before, specifically the Cédrick Chaboussit promo, the Designer Promo Pack (Uwe Rosenberg, Bauza & Cathala, and Martin Wallace), and the resource stickers. The BGG Store has never carried the new 2020 promos in the past. This set cannot be broken up to only include the newer items.