Legends of Andor: Koram, the Gor Chieftain

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Koram, the Gor Chieftain is a single-card expansion for Legends of Andor, which may be used with legends 2-5 or The Star Shield.

At the beginning of the game, one gor is given a black base; this is Koram. The card is placed on the legend track by rolling a six-sided die. When the narrator reaches this space (and after any other tokens or cards on that space are activated) Koram is placed by rolling two six-sided dice for the 10s and 1s digit. As long as Koram is on the board all gors have six strength and give four gold/WP as a reward. Koram moves as usual for a gor, and should he reach space 0, this effect lasts until the end of the legend.

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