Krosmaster: Arena - Yugo Promo Figure

Krosmaster: Arena - Yugo Promo Figure for use with the board game K, Krosmaster: Arena, sold at the BoardGameGeek Store

Krosmaster: Arena - Yugo Promo Figure

Yugo is a promotional figure for Krosmaster: Arena.

Eliatrope were the first humanoid beings in the universe. They were able to harness Wakfu (live force) and forged alliances with many other powerful races at that time. However, as the result of a treacherous event caused the destruction of the majority of the race, leaving only a small handful left in the present day. Yugo is the reincarnation of one of the kings of the Eliatrope and is the protagonist of the anime Wakfu. He is able to use Wakfu to create phantasmal weapons and open portals to transport himself and his allies to faraway places.

Faithful to his anime character, Yugo, in Krosmaster: Arena, can use Wakfu to attack his enemies. Though it is a short range attack, it has the distinction of being one of the few attacks in the game that deals neutral damage, allowing it to ignore elemental resistances. He is also able to create portals to move himself or his allies to other locations nearby, giving him great utility to any team's mobility. If paired up with his teammates from the anime, who are also promotional figures, his spells will become more efficient, allowing him to use more of them during his turn.

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