Kemet: New Power Tiles

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3 new power tiles for Kemet originally distributed as promo items during Essen 2015. (Please note: May possibly be included in the most recent 2017 version of Kemet.)

Contains the following gaming material:

1 blue power tile - Protective aura: ignore any damage outside of combat

1 red power tile - Night Expedition: one priest can move to the next location on the path to Ta-Seti during the night phase, without benefit from the bonuses between the locations nor taking any object or skills token on the location

1 white power tile - Reminiscence: At the end of battle, if the opponent has played at least one DI card, you may take one of them in your hand

Note: "Kemet: Ta-Seti" expansion is required in order to use these new power tiles.

For more information, visit the BGG listing.