In the Year of the Dragon: The Great Wall of China & The Super Events

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From the publisher:

This expansion contains The Great Wall of China and The Super events.

In The Great Wall of China every player takes the 6 Great Wall tiles in his colour. When a player choose the new action ‘build Great Wall’, he chooses one of his remaining Great Wall tile, he receives from the supply the symbol shown on the tile, then he places this tile under the first event tile. The tiles give: 1 rice, 1 rocket, 2 yuans, 1 palace level, 3 VP, 3 spaces on the order track.

The 10 super event tiles are shuffled face down. Then randomly draw only one of them and put it face up on the 7th event tile. It will be resolved after this event.

Previously this expansion was part of the Alea Treasure Chest. It is also included in the Anniversary edition of In the Year of the Dragon as well.

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