Imhotep: The Pharaoh's Favors

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Imhotep: The Pharaoh's Favors is a promo postcard for Imhotep, handed out at Gen Con 2017.

On your turn, instead of taking any other action, you may perform a special action listed on the card. First, place a stone of your color from the quarry (not from your sled) on any empty space on the card. Then perform the action listed below that space. Once a player has used a special action it may not be used again by any player. Each player may only use the card once per game.

The Actions:

Take any 2 face-up cards from the market. Refill the market from the draw pile.

Place 1 stone on any ship. Fill your sled completely with stones from the quarry.

Place 1 stone on any ship. You may change the order of the stones on that ship. Sail that ship.

Place up to 2 stones on any ship. Sail that ship.

Place up to 3 stones on any ships.

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