Imaginarium: 5 Handymen Power Cards

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Each handyman, by taking the card that comes to them at the beginning of the game, gains a power. It can only be used once in the game; it is then discarded.

  • Nicodemus: Earn 1 charcoalium for each repaired machine in your workshop.
  • Philomena: Exchange one of your repaired machines with one of your broken machines of an equal or lower level. The effect of the machine thus repaired is not applied.
  • Agrippine: Exchange one of your broken machines with any other unreserved machine on the bric-a-brac of an equal or lower level.
  • Felideus: Exchange one of your assistants with another available assistant from the meeting room.
  • Zadock: Regardless of your position on the bric-a-brac, you play first during this phase.

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