Good Cop Bad Cop: Equipment Pack 4 – Survive

A composite photo of a set of cards from use with the board game Good Cop Bad Cop. The center center displays the title of the game and an overview image of the cards in this pack. The other cards are arrayed around the center, each displaying a single item on a khaki background with text at the bottom.

Good Cop Bad Cop: Equipment Pack 4 – Survive

This is a pack of 5 equipment cards included in the Game Boy Geek Season 11 (2023) Kickstarter Campaign. It contains:

  1. Molotov Cocktail: Anyone who has a leader card must draw an equipment.
  2. Landmine: Use when a player with no revealed leader cards investigates, that player is shot.
  3. Shotgun: Use when another player shoots. The shooter chooses a non-wounded player to also be shot.
  4. Baseball Bat: Starting with you and proceeding in turn order, everyone who is armed must change their aim.
  5. Floodlight: Choose a player. Investigate them and the players to their left and right.

For more information, please refer to the BGG listing.

Part of the Game Boy Geek collection.

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