Ghosts Love Candy Too: Dice Tower 2022 Promo Cards

A set of four promo cards for use with the board game Ghosts Love Candy Too. Each card features a cartoon of a child in costume on the purple background, a title for the card in the middle, and text describing the card's ability in the game at the bottom.

Ghosts Love Candy Too: Dice Tower 2022 Promo Cards

Set of four promo cards for the Dice Tower 2022 Kickstarter campaign.

The pack includes four new kids that can be mixed into your deck of kids, each with new abilities not found on other cards:

  1. Game Reviewer - Tell everyone your least favorite candy. You may then swap up to 3 of those candies from your stash for any treats in the neighborhood or discard pile.
  1. Dice Tower - Discard a kid from the deck and look at its number. If it is 20 or lower, discard a candy. If it is 80 or higher take a treat from the discard.
  1. Bowl of Cereal - The first player in turn order must haunt the Bowl of Cereal or place a treat on them.
  1. Meeple - You may place a treat from your stash on any other kid in the neighborhood then use their ability if able.

        For more information, please refer to the BGG listing.

        ** Part of The Dice Tower collection. The majority of the proceeds of this item return directly to The Dice Tower.

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