GeekUp Bit Set: Teotihuacan Cacao Bits

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Just as chocolate was an integral part of Mayan culture and commence, so too will these GeekUp bits become essential to your play of the game Teotihuacan! These two-sided bits feature additional artwork from the game's original artist, Odysseas Stamoglou, on one side and an engraving of the Mayan glyph for cacao on the other.

The pieces are made of a hard plastic, similar to Bakelite, and the graphics are applied via a 4-color heat transfer process, which fuses the images to the plastic in a way that makes them very scratch resistant, meaning they should last a lifetime.

This GeekUp set contains 40 tokens to replace the cardboard cacao tokens found in Teotihuacan,:

  • 25, 1-value cacao tokens, sized 25x25mm and 4mm thick
  • 15, 5-value cacao tokens, sized 25x38mm and 4mm thick

Pair this GeekUp bit set with our matching GeekUp storage bag set for Teotihuacan as well!

Jan 22nd, 2021 → The BGG Store carries a selection of promos for games designed by Daniele Tascini. Mr. Tascini’s recently publicized viewpoints that do not fit with our mission of making tabletop gaming a welcoming space for all. In light of these events, we will donate the profits of this item to Cafe Momentum in Dallas, Texas. We have supported Cafe Momentum in the past and strongly believe in their mission to provide job training and fellowship programs to minority youths who are exiting juvenile detention.