GeekUp Bit Set: Dice Throne Season 1

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If you love the fast-paced thrill of battling it out in Dice Throne: Season 1, your experience will now include the added dimension of upgraded status tokens.

The pieces are made of a hard plastic, similar to Bakelite, and the graphics are applied via a 4-color heat transfer process, which fuses the images to the plastic in a way that makes them very scratch resistant, meaning they should last a lifetime.

This set includes upgraded versions of 86 of the status tokens, all 20mm circles (3mm deep), for the eight heroes:

  1. Barbarian (1x Stun, 2x Concussion)
  2. Moon Elf (2x Entangle, 5x Evasive, 2x Blind, 3x Targeted)
  3. Pyromancer (4x Burn, 2x Knockdown, 9x Fire Mastery, 1x Stun)
  4. Monk (11x Chi, 4x Cleanse, 2x Knockdown, 5x Evasive)
  5. Paladin (1x Blessing of Divinity, 2x Crit, 2x Retribution, 2x Protect, 2x Accuracy)
  6. Shadow Thief (6x Poison, 2x Shadows, 2x Sneak Attack)
  7. Trent (2x Barbed Vine, 2x Wellspring)
  8. Ninja (5x Ninjutsu, 3x Delayed Poison, 2x Smoke Bomb)

Note --> This set does NOT include the Trent's Spirit tokens. They will be included in an add-on set sometime in 2022.