GeekUp Bit Set - Smash Up Faction Selection and Drawbag

GeekUp Bit Set - Smash Up Faction Selection and Drawbag

Introducing the Epic Faction Randomizer Bag 4000: Super Charged Turbo Edition! Automate your faction selection to the MAX with this 71-token GeekUp set, allowing you to randomly select your two factions with a simple pull from a gloriously decorated, custom drawbag. If you don't own all of the expansions, then simply remove those tokens from the drawbag, thus creating a custom randomizer that matches what you own.

This set includes 71-faction tokens (all 25mm diameter, 3mm deep) and a 19cm x 15cm microfiber drawbag. The included factions are:

  • Base Set - Aliens, Dinosaurs, Ninjas, Pirates, Robots, Tricksters, Wizards, and Zombies.
  • Awesome Level 9000 -  Bear Cavalry, Ghosts, Killer Plants, and Steampunks.
  • Obligatory Cthulhu Set - Elder Things, Innsmouth, Minions of Cthulhu, and Miskatonic University.
  • Science Fiction Double Feature - Cyborg Apes, Shapeshifters, Super Spies, and Time Travelers.
  • Monster Smash - Giant Ants, Mad Scientists, Vampires, and Werewolves.
  • Pretty Pretty Smash Up - Fairies, Kitty Cats, Mythic Horses, and Princesses
  • It’s Your Fault! - Dragons, Mythic Greeks, Sharks, Superheroes, and Tornados.
  • Cease and Desist - Astroknights, Changerbots, Ignobles, and Star Roamers.
  • What Were We Thinking? - Explorers, Grannies, Rock Stars, and Teddy Bears. 
  • Big in Japan - Itty Critters, Kaiju, Magical Girls, and Mega Troopers.
  • That ’70s Expansion - Disco Dancers, Kung Fu Fighters, Truckers, and Vigilantes.
  • The Bigger Geekier Box - Geeks and Smash Up All Stars.
  • Oops, You Did It Again - Ancient Egyptians, Cowboys, Samurai, and Vikings.
  • World Tour: International Incident - Luchadors, Mounties, Musketeers, and Sumo Wrestlers.
  • World Tour: Culture Shock - Anansi Tales, Ancient Incas, Grimms’ Fairy Tales, Polynesian Voyagers, and Russian Fairy Tales.
  • 10th Anniversary - Mermaids, Sheep, Skeletons, World Champs
  • Smash Up Knights of the Round Table
  • Smash Up Goblins
  • Smash Up Penguins

* Please Note - Due to copyright restrictions, this GeekUp set does not contain selection tokens for the Smash Up Marvel, Disney, or Munchkin sets.

** Please Note - This GeekUp set does not include selection tokens for Teens or Excellent Movies, Dudes since they were released after this set entered development.

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