GeekUp Bag Set: Terra Mystica BITS Bags

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A set of eight drawstring bags featuring original artwork from the game Terra Mystica, used to store the cardboard tokens used in the game:

  • Bonus tile bag = 9 x 14cm
  • Coin bag =  9 x 12cm
  • Favor tile bag = f13 x 16cm
  • Purple power token bag = 9 x 10cm
  • Scoring tile bag = 9 x 10cm
  • Town tile bag = 9 x 10cm
  • Terrain tile bag = 15.5 x 19cm

Please note --> The Fire & Ice Expansion to Terra Mystica also comes with a storage bag for the terrain tiles. With this GeekUp bag set and expansion together, you will have the choice between the two storage bags for the same pieces.

Pair this bag set with our original Terra Mystica PLAYER bag set as well!