Five Tribes: Fakirs & Dhenim

Five Tribes: Fakirs & Dhenim for use with the board game F, Five Tribes, sold at the BoardGameGeek Store

Five Tribes: Fakirs & Dhenim

The Fakir Card Set is a replacement deck for the slaves in the original print run of Five Tribes.  From Days of Wonder:

"As we already explained very clearly in the past, we did not intend to harm anyone when we included Slave cards in Five Tribes (they were in the game from the very beginning). Despite being part of the Arabian Nights tales folklore, we do regard slavery as an important matter and condemn it.

Still, we understood that this very precise element was preventing some people to fully enjoy Five Tribes. As a publisher, we thought it was important to offer the same joyful game experience to everyone. That is why Slave Cards have been replaced by Fakir Cards in the new reprint of the game. While the name and illustration are different, the purpose of the card in the game remain the same. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy these new Fakirs, as they will be precious allies to summon powerful Djinns and help your Builders and Assassins in completing their more or less noble tasks."

As a bonus, these sets from BoardGameGeek also contain Dhenim, which is a single card expansion for Five Tribes that adds a new djinn to the game: Dhenim, who's worth 6 vp at the end of the game. During play, Dhenim awards his holder 1 Gold Coin when his holder takes one or more yellow viziers and 2 Gold Coins when an opponent claims them.

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