Eclipse: Black Hole

Eclipse: Black Hole for use with the board game E, Eclipse, sold at the BoardGameGeek Store

Eclipse: Black Hole

Eclipse: Black Hole is a mini-expansion for Eclipse that consists of two black hole hexes and a flux wormhole discovery tile. During set-up, shuffle one of the black hole hexes with the other Outer Sector hexes. When a ship lands on the black hole, roll a die to determine whether the ship returns to play immediately (and takes one damage) or returns to play after 1-2 rounds. When the ship returns to play, it comes back on any Inner Sector hex or any hex with at least one wormhole pointing to empty space, with the effect dependent on which black hole hex is in the game.

With the flux wormhole discovery tile, you can place it on the edge between any two hexes to connect them with a full wormhole, thereby making each of them worth one extra VP at game's end.

For more information, visit the BGG listing.

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