Dominion: Marchland

A photo of the Marchland promo card for use with the card game Dominion. This card is primarily green with the card's title at the top, an illustration of landscape with mountains in the middle, and text that describes the card's ability in the game at the bottom.

Dominion: Marchland

This card was released through the magazine Spielbox #1/2024. It was created as a replacement for Silk Road in Dominion: Hinterlands (Second Edition), but was excluded from that expansion, as a Victory Kingdom pile would have too many cards to fit in the 100-card Dominion: Hinterlands – Update Pack.

Marchland (Victory - Cost 5 [coin])
Worth 1 [VP] per 3 Victory cards you have (round down).
When you gain this, +1 Buy, and discard any number of cards for +1 [coin] each


For more information, please refer to the BGG listing

NOTE - customers are limited to two (2) Marchland promos per order.

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