Cyclades: Ancient Ruins

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Contains two Ruins tokens and the corresponding Ruinscards.

From the included rules sheet:

Set up of the Ruins token
At the end of the first offering phase and before actions are permed, the player who has chosen Apollo picks two different islands (or territories if playing with the Titans expansion) which are not controlled by any player and places a Ruins token on each.
Note: If more than one player have chosen Apollo, whoever receives the prosperity marker gets to choose where to place the Ruin.

Controlling the Ruins
When a player takes control of an island containing a Ruins token, he randomly draws a Monument card amongst the unused Monuments set aside at the beginning of the game.

He places the card face up in front of him and places the card matching the Ruins token on top.

This player alone is allowed to build that Monument following the usual rules but can only place it on the island with the Ruins token.

When another player conquers the island, he seizes the card at the same time. Now he only can build the Monument on this island. As soon as the monument is built, the Ruins token and the corresponding card are both removed from play.

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