Cartographers Heroes - Skills Mini Expansion

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With the release of Cartographers Heroes (the stand-alone sequel to the original Cartographers), this brand new Skills expansion was included with every pledge of the Kickstarter edition.

As with the original Skills Mini-Expansion, you will find 8 new Skills cards and a rules card. Some cards in this mini-expansion require Cartographers Heroes to play, as a couple of them require knowledge of the hero cards work. This mini-expansion can be combined with the original Skills Mini-Expansion. It allows the players to spend their collected coins to break the rules of the game in a unique way once per season. 

During setup, you will shuffle the eight skill cards and deal three of them face up, returning the remainder to the box. Once per season, each player may activate the ability of one of three face-up skill cards by paying its cost in coins.

For more information, please refer to the BGG listing.