GeekUp Bit Bowls - Now in two sizes!

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BGG Bit Bowls are a set of silicone mats that flex and secure into bit bowls for all your favorite games!

When lying flat, the large bowls measure 6" x 6", and the small bowls measure 4.5" x 4.5", easily fitting into most game boxes. When folded into bowls, they are the perfect size to hold the bits to nearly any game. Mix and match colors for a custom set for your favorite game, or grab an entire set of all 13 colors at a discounted rate!
As a bonus, use them as a heat resistant pad, or to open that stubborn jar of peanut butter! Or... just use them as bit bowls.

NOTE - The small bowls have BGG's new logo, and the large bowls still have the old Ernie logo. The large bowls will switch over to the new logo in late 2020.

MYSTERY - Since we are transitioning away from the old logo, we are selling the old Ernie logo small bowls at a 50% discount! However, you will not know what colors you are getting, as we are clearing out our stock of the old logo.