GeekUp Bit Bowls - Now in two sizes!

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BGG Bit Bowls are a set of silicone mats that flex and secure into bit bowls for all your favorite games!

When lying flat, the large bowls measure 6" x 6", and the small bowls measure 4.5" x 4.5", easily fitting into most game boxes. When folded into bowls, they are the perfect size to hold the bits to nearly any game. Mix and match colors for a custom set for your favorite game, or grab an entire set of all 13 colors at a discounted rate!
As a bonus, use them as a heat resistant pad, or to open that stubborn jar of peanut butter! Or... just use them as bit bowls.

NOTE - All bowls have BGG's new logo. The old version (with the Ernie logo) has been discontinued and is no longer available