GeekUp Card & Bit Holders

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BGG Holders are a set of silicone holders with slots to hold cards and wells for bit storage during your games. They come in an array of 13 colors, making it is easy to match player colors during games as well! 

Each holder measures 11.25" long, and 2.75" wide. With two card slots in each holder, this gives you 22.5" inches of card storage. The slots are also wide enough to allow for overlapping cards. Each of the 5 bit wells in each holder measures 2" wide by 1.5" deep.

Mix and match colors for a custom set for your favorite game, or grab an entire set of all 13 colors at a discounted rate! If you buy the "mystery color", you will receive silicone trays with the OLD logo at an extreme discount but you don't get to pick the color you receive.