AuZtralia: Promo Packet 1

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AuZtralia Promo Pack 1 released for the Kickstarter campaign for the AuZtralia expansions: TaZmania and Revenge of the Old Ones.

Includes new Mythos cards and Helper cards to be used with the base game:

3 new Mythos cards: Cthulhu, Bokrug, Nightgaunt
3 new Solo Mythos cards: Cthulhu, Bokrug, Nightgaunt
10 Helper cards: "Buddy" Budowski, Florence Poison, Elsa Ware, Lord Switchener, Iron Horse Bob, Charles Grey, Captain Rex Porter, Doctor Anton Phibes, Doctor Herbert Combs, and Emily Earhart

The new Mythos cards share the same character names but have slightly different abilities depending on if it's a solo or a regular game:

  • different points (solo: next to card name, regular: upper left corner),
  • different backs, and
  • different rules or text (Nightgaunt is about stealing from another player for 5 turns in the regular game, and in the solo game it's about losing a personality card for 5 turn; and Bokrug and Cthulhu have similar rules between the regular and solo games).

    For more information, visit the BGG listing.