Arctic Scavengers: Tribal Leaders Promo Pack

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Increase your pool of Tribal Leaders with this promo pack for Arctic Scavengers. Included in this pack are the Chemist, Gambler, Merchant, and Poacher, as well 5 "Crate of Pears" cards.

  • Chemist --> Equipped medicine works like tools (i.e.  one per tribe member card, modifiers cannot add a new skill, can be disarmed, etc.). The Pharmers  gang is offended by your abuse of medicine. You cannot win them.
  • Gambler --> When activated, first discard one of your cards which is in play, Then draw the top card from your deck to replace it. You may then rearrange cards to make optimal use of tools and other modifiers which are in play.
  • Merchant --> Exchange can be performed multiple times per round. The dig penalty is permanent and applies to every round.
  • Poacher -->  Additional food requirements applies even on rounds in which your Refugees don't hunt. Merchants hired without food (such as Hunter) do not add food to the cost if it wasn't there to begin with.
  • Crate of Pears (x5) --> This is a timer based tool which starts at zero. Once drawn from your deck, play it from your hand and deployed in your base much as you would a building. At the start of each turn, rotate the card clockwise to represent food thawing (it starts frozen). At any time, trash the card to trade the crate of partially thawed food [0-3] during a hire action.