Agra: Ambabari Elephant Promo Card

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The Ambabari Elephant is an Agra promo card. The traditional Indian style of dressing these elephants was widely used to decorate the elephants of the Maharaj or the King. It was one of the most stylish and luxurious ways of travelling for the royal families.

The Elephant is a level 3 notable, just put in the pile, shuffled before the game and randomly placed. Or you can decide to play with the Elephant anyhow.

Immediately move the Merchant 1 to 6 steps of your choice. Every time the Merchant passes by one of your Workers you receive 1 Rupee. It doesn’t matter if your Worker has meditated or is still standing upright. You do not receive a Rupee for the space the Merchant ends or starts on, even if this space is occupied by your Worker.

Example: The Merchant moves 5 steps, of these 5 steps he passes through 3 of your own workers. You will receive 3 Rupees.

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