1000-Piece Board Game Jigsaw Puzzles

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These jigsaw puzzles all have 1000 pieces and are 56x56 cm (22" x 22") in size. They are made from 1.9 mm thick blue cardboard, covered with 100 g/m² linen-embossed paper. The box size is a standard "medium square" (i.e. Ticket to Ride-sized box), measuring 29.6cm x 29.6 x 7.2cm (11.7" x 11.7" x 2.8")

Choose from five different board game covers, all from amazing board game artists:

  • Feast For Odin (Dennis Lohausen)
  • Terra Mystica (Dennis Lohausen)
  • Sidereal Confluence (Kwanchai Moriya)
  • Reykholt (Lukas Siegmon)
  • Cooper Island (Javier Gonzalez Cava)