Top Shelf Gamer: Deluxe Token Bundle compatible with Concordia

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BGG is pleased to offer a selection of deluxe upgrade bundles from Top Shelf Gamer!

Take your game of Concordia to the next level with this amazing bundle of tokens
PLEASE NOTE - This is not compatible with Concordia Venus™. Concordia Venus™ contains more tokens
Acquiring and trading resources is so much more satisfying when playing with quality pieces.  And it makes the game look great!
The tokens that come with this bundle are:
  • 20 brick
  • 18 food (wheat sheaf)
  • 15 tool (iron ingot)
  • 12 wine
  • 18 cloth
  • 12 salt (for the Salsa expansion)
All these pieces are made from resin or metal (the Tool token) and are durable and pre-painted.