GeekUp Box Set - Quacks of Quedlinburg

GeekUp Box Set - Quacks of Quedlinburg

Already love the GeekUp bits for Quacks? Maybe you are looking for a new way to display the ingredient books? Then organize your game to perfection with this storage box set for Quacks of Quedlinburg! Designed to store the purchasable ingredients for both the base game and the Herb Witches expansions, this eight-box set is color-coded for each ingredient, with a built-in book stand in the attached cover. And as an added bonus, EVERYTHING FITS IN THE ORIGINAL BOX! This storage set was designed to fit in the base box, including both the Herb Witches and Alchemist expansions.


  • Eight (8), color-coded boxes that nest on top of each other, and roomy enough to fit bits for five players while still fitting inside the original box (without the insert)
  • Each box is sub-divided to create different compartments for different values, with a sloped front to make it easy to scoop cardboard or GeekUp ingredients out of the box
  • The attached cover turns into a bookstand when it is flipped open
  • The set includes clear, plastic sign covers if you would prefer to make your own signage for the tops of your boxes

NOTE: GeekUp bits from the product images are not included in this box set.


  • 3-Compartment Box (red, yellow, green, and blue) = 90mm wide x 65mm deep x 39mm tall
  • 2-Compartment Box (orange) = 80mm wide x 65mm deep x 39mm tall
  • 1-Compartment Box (clear, black, and purple) = 71mm wide x 65mm deep x 35mm deep
  • Note --> the volume of each compartment is about 20% less then the math would suggest as the fronts are scooped to make it easier to slid bits out
  • 2nd Note --> There is NOT a box for the Cherry Bomb (white) ingredient 


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