BGG Micro #2: The Draugr

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The Draugr, reanimated dead imbued with magical powers, have come to the region of Trøndelag seeking to corrupt the town of Stjørdal. Only you, a lone revenant hunter, can protect the town and slay they who walk again.

Armed with limited supply of holy water and iron spikes you enter the town square and prepare for the coming onslaught.

The Draugr is a solitaire game, designed by Todd Sanders, playing in about 20 minutes.

To win, you must slay 4 of the 6 Draugr. If at anytime during Phase 1 all 7 Townspeople, or more than 7 of the cards (a combination of Townspeople and Locations) are corrupted you lose.


  • 15 Townspeople and Location Cards
  • 9 Draugr Cards
  • 8 Holy Water and 8 Iron Markers
  • 27 Corruption Markers
  • 9 Draugr Counters
  • 1 Sheperdess Counter
  • 1 Player Counter

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**Note --> During June 2020, proceeds of this item will equally benefit The Dice Tower and BoardGameGeek.