Food Chain Magnate: Milestone Boards & Card Accordion

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This set of game aids for Food Chain Magnate contains two elements:

1) A card accordion that fits the box bottom, with icons of each card shown on the accordion to help with set-up.

2) Five sturdy dry erase boards of all the milestones, German on one side, English on the other.

This set both shrinks the required table space to play the game significantly, while also being a much handier way to both reference and track reached and expired milestones!

Instructions for the Card Accordion: The card accordion works well, but it does take some massaging in order to get the folds crisp enough to where the thing will lay in the box rather than trying to spring up out of the box. The accordion comes scored along all of the folds, so it's easy to make the folds. However, in order to work well, you really have to press each fold hard, pressing along each fold with something blunt, like the handle of a butter knife or the barrel of a pen. It's probably also a good idea to fold it up and put it under something heavy for a while to take the springiness out of the folds. Once you do this preparation, it works great!