May 2023 News Bites

by Beth Heile

GeekUp Timetable

The next batch of GeekUp bits was delayed by customs and is now moving about a month later than expected. Thus those bits should go live with the June update instead of this one. That shipment contains:

  • Karuba - player tile boards
  • Factory Funner
  • Hansa Teutonica
  • Glass Road
  • Red Cathedral
  • Tekhenu
  • Dice Throne Companions (Trent and Artificer pieces)
  • Smash Up - Power Bit Set
  • Troyes
  • Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft
  • Cubitos - Storage Box Set
  • Cubitos - Metal Credit Tokens

That shipment also contains the following reprints:

  •   Le Havre
  •   Wingspan
  •   Teotihuacan - Cacao bits
  •   Quacks - white chip boosters
  •   Underwater Cities - Metal Credits

Please Excuse Our Digital Dust!

The BGG Store is in the middle of a major overhaul of our backend, so you may see lots of visual and technical changes happening over the next couple of weeks. We expect some things to occasionally break as we update them, so please be patient with us during this time. Products will also be shifting categories and menus, so you may find familiar items in a new location. Please feel free to reach out and email us if something is interfering with your ability to complete your order.