March 2023 News Bites

by Beth Heile

When will Quacks bits be back in stock?

Will there ever be a set for the second expansion, The Alchemists? - No. That expansion only contains extras/replacements of the ingredient tokens and a full set of the fool’s weed ingredient from Herb Witches in case you don’t happen to own the first expansion. So there aren’t any new or unique ingredients to upgrade in that second expansion box, and we have the word straight from the designer that a set wouldn’t be necessary. 

Why do GeekUp bits always come in waves? Because logistics are hard! And we also want to keep our prices down by bundling our freight shipping together as much as possible. But here’s a fun reminder that new GeekUp bits are a big deal for us in the warehouse too! Check out this timelapse video of a GeekUp shipment arriving as our team unloads an entire container in about an hour - whew! Thanks team Geek!