February 2023 News Bites

by Beth Heile

Weekly Flash Sales

As you might have noticed already, we’ve started running weekly, 24-hour flash sales. We will be heavily discounting GeekUp sets or offering free promos with any purchase. Originally I did the first test sale on a Friday, but now it looks like the plan is to settle on Wednesdays at noon. So stay tuned every Wednesday and see what awesome deals are in store!

Promos from Game Boy Geek

We received a large collection of promos from Dan King, aka Game Boy Geek, mostly from his Season 10 Kickstarter campaign, but also a handful from previous years. Half of that collection went live last month, and the other half goes live today. We started a “Game Boy Geek” collection in the store so you can view out only items that we received from Dan. So check out a bunch of new promos today!

GeekUp Timetable

The next batch of GeekUp bits is on the move, and scheduled to arrive for the April store update. This shipment contains:

  • Karuba - tile boards
  • Factory Funner
  • Hansa Teutonica
  • Glass Road
  • Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft
  • Cubitos - Storage Box Set
  • Cubitos - Metal Credit Tokens
  • Quacks - white chip booster pack (REPRINT)
  • Underwater Cities - Metal Credits (REPRINT)
  • Teotihuacan - Cacao Bits (REPRINT)
  • La Havre (REPRINT)