April 2024 News Bites

by Beth Heile

Quacks bits will be in stock in a few days!

Base Quacks bits will arrive in a few days, and we will immediately put them up for sale. If you wish to be informed they arrive, you can either sign up for the email alert on the listing. We rushed this initial batch to get them back in stock as quickly as possible, and we will have another wave arriving in 2-3 months.

The Herb Witches expansion bits will be ready in June and ship shortly after, so they will be back in stock during the summer.

Reports of BGG Store Fakes

We’ve received a number of reports from customers regarding fake stores and clones impersonating the BoardGameGeek Store. We appreciate that so many of you have taken the time to pass that information along to us! We’ve pursued some legal action to shut the imposter stores down, but it is inevitable that more will pop up. 

So we wanted to pass along a few tips for spotting fake sites:

  1. Check the copyright at the bottom. It should say “BoardGameGeek” or “BoardGameGeek Store” only
  2. Obviously, our store URL is www.boardgamegeekstore.com. The ONLY other store authorized to sell GeekUp bits is Meeple Source. So if the URL is anything other than those two sites, it is a fake. Sometimes the differences can be very subtle, like bggstore.com, or bggstorehub.com
  3. If you are at all uncertain, you can always fall back on boardgamegeek.com for assistance. You can send a GeekMail to a BGG admin at https://boardgamegeek.com/wiki/page/Admins and ask if a store URL is legitimate or not.